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Free transit options are available this fall for residents and visitors to enjoy the North Lake Tahoe region without a car. 
LAKE TAHOE-TRUCKEE, Calif/Nev. (September 3, 2021) Fall is here, and once it is safe for all to travel, both Truckee and the North Lake Tahoe region offer transit options to leave the car behind and leave the driving to us. The North Lake Tahoe region offers free transportation choices to connect you to your outdoor activities and to local businesses for shopping, dining and more in the North Lake Tahoe area and in Truckee. 
Tahoe Truckee Area Regional Transit (TART) is pleased to announce the continuation of the popular TART Connect, the free, micro-transit service that was launched during the summer and will now continue to operate during the fall season providing convenient night service. The Fall service will again operate within three zones, the first two funded by Placer County, will include some added destinations within each zone. Zone 1 includes: Squaw Valley, Tahoe City, West Shore, Dollar Hill; Zone 2: includes: Northstar, Kings Beach, Tahoe Vista, Carnelian Bay, Crystal Bay. Connections between these zones will be made in Dollar Hill. 
Zone 3, which is funded by the Incline Village Crystal Bay Visitors Bureau, will operate again this fall in Incline Village and Crystal Bay. For those interested in travelling between zones, Zone 1 and Zone 2 will connect at Dollar Hill and Zone 2 and Zone 3 will connect at Stateline/Crystal Bay. 
TART Connect users can download the TART Connect app and enjoy free, on-demand, curb-to-curb, shared-shuttle service anywhere within the TART Connect zones. This service will operate during the evening, from 6 pm – 10 pm, daily in Zones 1 and 2 and from 6 pm – Midnight, daily in Zone 3. For more information go to: For those who would like to book a ride by phone, call: 530-214-5811. 
You can also make connections between TART Connect service and TART’s Truckee local night service at Northstar or Squaw Valley in addition to taking TART Connect to a TART SR 89 and SR 267 mainline bus stop to connect to the greater region. 
Beginning September 7th, TART offers free, hourly, daily mainline bus service to Tunnel Creek, servicing the Tahoe East Shore Trail and recreation hub on the East Shore. The TART mainline routes will also provide daily, hourly service between Incline Village, Crystal Bay, Kings Beach, Tahoe Vista, Carnelian Bay, Tahoe City and the West Shore. TART service also includes an SR 267 route from the North Shore to Northstar and to Truckee and the TART SR 89 route connecting Tahoe City, Squaw Valley and Truckee. For specific TART schedule and route information, including trip planning, go to: 
TART’s Truckee local route provides service throughout Truckee including Donner Lake, Crossroads, Gateway, downtown Truckee and Henness Flat, daily between 6:30 am and 6:30 pm. Truckee night service providesconnections between Truckee and Northstar and from Truckee to Squaw Valley until 10:30 pm. Truckee’s Dial-A-Ride operates 7 days per week available within Truckee for seniors, persons with disabilities and the general public. 
For those who are traveling to North Lake Tahoe or Truckee from the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, the North Lake Tahoe Express airport shuttle provides an easy way to travel. The North Lake Tahoe Express offers affordable daily, scheduled service between the Reno-Tahoe International Airport with multiple stops in Truckee and North Lake Tahoe. For 24-hour advanced airport shuttle reservations, go to: or call 833-709-8080. 
In the meantime, for those interested in providing donations to support our neighboring communities that have been impacted by the wildfires surrounding our North Tahoe Truckee region, your donations can be made through the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation. Donations received during this time will be distributed to local nonprofits and community foundations who are working directly within their communities to support those impacted by this severe wildfire season. More details can be found at 
About the Truckee-North Tahoe Transportation Management Association The Truckee North Tahoe Transportation Management Association (TNT/TMA) is dedicated to fostering public-private partnerships and resources for advocacy and the promotion of innovative solutions to the unique transportation challenges of the North Lake Tahoe-Truckee Resort Triangle. 
About Tahoe Truckee Area Regional TransitTahoe Truckee Area Regional Transit (TART) provides public transportation for the Truckee – North Lake Tahoe region. Our goal at TART is to provide a safe and direct means of transportation service for Truckee-Tahoe residents and visitors. We are committed to providing comprehensive, reliable transit service and want our passengers to enjoy a comfortable and pleasant ride.

TNT/TMA 30+ Anniversary Celebration

The TNT/TMA was formed in 1990, based on the visionary recommendation of a Regional/Urban Design Assistance Team from the American Institute of Architects. Born of spirited grassroots energy the TNT/TMA has been dedicated to fostering public-private partnerships and resources for advocacy and the promotion of innovative solutions to the unique transportation challenges of the North Lake Tahoe-Truckee Resort Triangle ever since its inception.
This fall, the Truckee North Tahoe Transportation Management Association will be hosting a 30-year anniversary party to celebrate the organization’s accomplishments and to recognize leaders in local transportation.
We will be inviting all TNT/TMA members to join us in our celebration. A formal invitation will be sent shortly.

Commute Tahoe Forum

Over the past several months the Truckee North Tahoe TMA and in partnership with TRPA, Placer County, and the South Shore TMA, have been facilitating a pilot phase of the Commute Tahoe Program. Several employers from around the Lake Tahoe Basin and Truckee have been participating in the pilot phase of the program, in order to inform its future and provide valuable feedback. Commute Tahoe is a Tahoe Regional Planning Agency program that helps employers encourage their employees to bike, walk, carpool, or take transit to and from work. This December, the Truckee North Tahoe TMA and in partnership with TRPA, Placer County, and the South Shore TMA, will be hosting the Commute Tahoe Forum to celebrate employer participation in the pilot phase of the Commute Tahoe program. Learn more about Commute Tahoe at Commute Tahoe – Linking Tahoe.