Lake Tahoe Bike Challenge

What is the Tahoe Bike Challenge?

Throughout the month of June, Tahoe residents and visitors ride their bikes to work or school, around town, or just for fun. The event is organized in partnership by the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. For many of us, June marks the beginning of summer, and there’s no better way to kick off the summer season than hopping on your bike and getting outdoors! Sign up and join us on June 1st, 2021.

How can I participate?

  1. Join the friendly competition by signing up at You will be added to the Tahoe Bike Challenge based on your work or home address – so make sure you include an address within the Tahoe/Truckee Region.
  2. Track your miles and compete for fun prizes
  3. Recruit up to ten of your friends to build a Bike Challenge team and compete for the most team miles

How do I create a team?

Rally up to ten people together and start a team on the Love to Ride Tahoe page. Create a competition with your friends or compete against your coworkers. You’ll also have the option to associate your team with your employer or organization. 


  1. Click “Register” on the homepage 
  2. Sign in using Facebook or Strava (automatically track your rides), or your name and email address
  3. “Create” or “Join” a teamNote that an employer or organization or school can have multiple teams – just make sure they are all “associated” with the employer/organization/school
  4. Link your account to your Strava, MapMyRide, etc. or set a reminder to log your rides on the website each day
  5. Plan your routes, ride your bike, and have fun and be safe!